Barkers Announces Partnership with Userlane to Help Businesses Utilise the Full Value of P2P Technology Platforms

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We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Userlane, a digital adoption platform which utilises AI technology to drive value for clients.

Barkers and Userlane will combine technology with expert guidance to support their mutual clients to streamline processes, increase efficiencies and enhance user adoption of P2P technology software.

Together with Userlane’s Digital Monitoring, Adoption and Enablement technology, the partnership signifies a fresh approach to procurement and a commitment by Barkers and Userlane to shape a future where streamlined and enhanced procurement processes bring exceptional value to customers.

Barkers’ Digital Delivery Director, Matt Hardaker said of the partnership: As an award-winning procurement and digital procurement consultancy, we support businesses in transforming their approach to procurement and deploying class-leading P2P technology platforms effectively. Ensuring that businesses get maximum return on investment from their implementation is paramount and client adoption is key to that. In Userlane we’ve found the perfect solution that enables us to further support our clients with step-change improvements in training, change management and user adoption, empowering our clients to achieve more.”

Userlane’s integration with P2P technology platforms not only simplifies procurement tasks but also provides valuable insights on software adoption through Userlane’s HEART analytics. This collaboration will empower Barkers to elevate their customer experience, enabling clients to improve processes, achieve higher adoption rates for procurement software, and realise more efficient software expenditure.

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with Barkers, where we combine technology and expertise to simplify procurement processes and help businesses utilise the full value of P2P technology platforms.” – Rob King, CRO at Userlane

Contact our Digital Delivery Director, Matt Hardaker, to find out more.

Author: Barkers Procurement
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