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Award-winning procurement consultancy, Barkers Commercial Services Limited have launched business arm, Saving Money Everyday, to support SMEs to lower their common everyday business expenses.

With the sector grappling the effects of COVID19, the launch of this exciting enterprise couldn’t have come at a better time for many SMEs. The principle of the business is simple as Adam Parry, Director, explains:

“Like all businesses, SMEs have an array of outgoings and expenditure from utilities to stationery, IT to travel. But because of their size it’s not always possible for SMEs to get the best deal for these common, everyday expenses. What’s more, reviewing and renegotiating contracts is often one of many balls that have to be juggled by Owners and Directors.

We set up Saving Money Everyday to take the strain away from SMEs and to help save them money fast. In just six weeks, we can support SMEs to lower their key costs – our clients typically save 28% on utilities alone. With many SMEs struggling financially because of the global pandemic, it’s great to be able to offer a service that genuinely makes a difference to a business’ bottom line right now.”

Saving Money Everyday operates a Profit Boost Model, combining the purchasing power of many SMEs and allowing them to access the best deals from an extensive contact network of trusted suppliers. What sets Saving Money Everyday apart is that as well as operating a no fee basis, clients effectively become part of a social responsibility business community. Adam Parry clarifies what this means:

“Rather than charge a fee, Saving Money Everyday take a percentage of the savings made and commits 20% of this saving to their social enterprise, LifeScape, a grounds maintenance company based in the North West employing disadvantaged workers. The more clients we work with, the more we are able to invest in our social enterprise and benefit the community. Clients can genuinely say that in choosing us to save them money, they are helping to generate social value locally and making a tangible difference to the lives of others.”

Parent company, Barkers Commercial Services Ltd are well known for their ethical procurement practices, delivering £2,000,000 of social value every year through their pro bono charity advisory work, and having been awarded the gong for ‘Best Contribution to the Reputation of the Profession’ at the CIPS awards in 2018.

Saving Money Everyday offers an opportunity for SMEs not only to benefit from significant savings at a time when driving business expenses down should be a priority for any organisation, but also allows them to support their corporate social responsibility agenda by enabling further investment into a social enterprise which rebuilds lives and strengthens communities.

Find out more about Saving Money Everyday, and view our explainer video.

Author: Barkers Procurement
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