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Business Stream’s current outsourced IT Managed Service was due to expire which presented an opportunity to review whether the existing provision met strategic IT requirements.

Barkers were asked to develop a specification for the company’s Outsourced IT Managed Services and to engage in a thorough tender process to ensure best-fit for the business’ strategic aims.

Barkers managed the process from an ‘as is’ review through to recommendations, with the final solution offering the client indicative savings in excess of £600,000 and enhanced risk management particularly in the field of cyber security and data management.

Business Stream required support to make changes to their IT Outsourced Managed Service; work was required to bring the IT infrastructure, systems and organisation in line with the Business Stream IT strategy. In addition, it was hoped that reviewing the IT service would enhance functional performance, facilitate greater risk management and improve organisational IT efficiencies.

The IT service elements in scope of the Outsourced IT Managed service included:

  • cloud managed service infrastructure
  • standard operating procedures
  • business and technical services
  • service management
  • recovery, back up and disaster recovery provision
  • VPN/load provision
  • hardware processes and provision
  • cyber security
  • an IT Road Map review to support delivery of future requirements

Barkers engaged senior procurement, technical and commercial support to determine the best-fit approach to IT Managed Services and to guide the client towards the most efficient service delivery model.

We engaged with the incumbent supplier(s)/service providers to ensure a detailed understanding of the ‘as is’ architecture and current service delivery and support models were understood. This informed the development of the scope of the project. A detailed technical specification was drafted which was aligned to the clients’ IT and business strategy, to enable an effective go-to-market approach and to inform a robust supplier selection process. The specification highlighted a need for a flexible, consumption based, service-oriented delivery model with a focus on compliant, cloud, managed services.

A tender was drafted and communicated to potential bidders. A tender overview presentation was held to bidders to provide an overview of the opportunity and facilitate a question and answer session. Submitted responses were then reviewed by Barkers, key stakeholders across procurement, IT and services users against a set of clear criteria.

Following a thorough assessment, recommendations were made and due diligence completed to ensure project viability.

The recommended solution provides a flexible, service-oriented delivery model with a specific focus on cloud, managed services and off-shore capability in compliance with Business Stream’s policies and procedures.

Indicative savings over the first three years are projected to be in excess of £600,000.

In addition to the savings made, the solution will provide the client with greater system integration, as IT services will be managed within one system. This will have the added benefit of an enhanced user experience.

Crucially, the solution will greatly improve cyber security (and the speed of response to security incidents should a risk arise), and improve the visibility of cyber risk exposure, providing greater assurances to the client.

Barkers: Business Stream Case Study

Author: Warren Kozera