Category Management Process

Category Management Process

At Barkers our team have been implementing the category management process and category management consulting for more than 20 years.  We’ve literally written the book and constantly revised it as technology has changed and capabilities have increased.  The illustration shows our comprehensive toolset, which has been fully digitised into a powerful suite of tools integrated into Microsoft Power BI.

The key to our process is that we will integrate into existing governance, reporting and approval processes.  So often category management sits in isolation or clunkily added on the side of the tender process.  Getting the business as used to reviewing a strategy as signing off a PO is critical.  Taking this to its logical conclusion, by creating category plans, more delegated authority can be handed to procurement to award contracts in line with the plan, and meet the benefit targets established for key budget holders.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) defines Category Management as:

Why has contract management become so important?

  • By managing specific elements of the business process, continuous improvement on cost base is more readily realised
  • Long term plan can be more accurately aligned to business outcomes
  • Risk is balanced between your supply chain and your business
  • As the various elements of the business are subject to greater scrutiny, overall quality can be improved

Procurement Professional:

  • By taking responsibility for Category Management, you become a relevant person of interest to stakeholders
  • If you excel in this position, you stand an improved chance of catching the attention of upper management and securing promotions
  • Category Management positions are amongst the most well-paid in corporate management
  • It is, quite simply, a more interesting role than its equivalent – tendering

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