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Contract Governance

Effective contract governance provides you with the assurance that you are receiving the value for money contracted for, by using the most objective set of award criteria and ensuring the right level of competition in your tendering processes.

Understanding the relationship context correctly, and applying governance appropriate to the criticality of any given contract to both you and your supplier, is key to this. 

At Barkers we have decades of experience in setting up and managing contract governance and getting all parties aligned to mutually advantageous goals; we can offer you advice and guidance on everything from contract law to negotiation tactics and procurement regulations.

Following regulatory requirements drives best practice behaviours.  It contributes to your relationships with suppliers by ensuring that suppliers feel positive about how you treat them and confident that fair treatment maximises their opportunities to succeed.  It mitigates the opportunity for supplier challenge and project delay, and it enables you to protect your employees – who have personal responsibility and accountability for aspects within procurement regulations.  

Procurement practitioners are responsible for compliance with all procurement legislation, for example, in public procurement, the EU Procurement Directives – which require adherence to the following basic principles:

Procurement Directives And Principles

As well as ensuring compliance, effective management of contracts delivers benefits to your organisation in key areas:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Economy
  • Openness
  • Fairness
  • Competition
  • Accountability

Works and services are delivered in line with the requirements of your business

Works and services are delivered at the right price, and potential change costs are mitigated

Works and services are delivered to the specification that your business requires, and are detailed in the scope of services

Works and services are delivered in line with contractual protections for your business

Achieve your business ambitions with Barkers.

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