Coupa Inspire 2022

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Last week saw the Barkers team attend Coupa Inspire 2022 in Berlin, the global community event for customers, technology partners and industry professionals across supply chain, procurement, finance, treasury, and IT.

Coupa Inspire was a truly global event that brought together forward-thinking leaders, customers and fellow partners, an event which truly lived up to its moniker of being United By The Power of Spend!

Barkers are proud to be  Coupas implementation partner for the UK Mid and Corporate Markets, and Coupa Inspire provided us with a perfect opportunity  to meet and engage with organisations who were looking to kick-off their own procurement and digital transformations, sharing with them some of the fantastic work and outcomes we have already delivered for our clients.

The event itself maintained a pace and enthusiasm that would struggle to be beaten. A mixture of product showcases, keynote speeches on industry hot-topics such as ESG, diversity in the workplace, supply chain risk management and many more…

  • Rob Bernshteyn, Chairman and CEO of Coupa, opened the event with his vision on how the Coupa Community will continue to evolve and grow to help businesses further harness the value of spend.
  • Anna Spinelli, CPO of DHL, shared her experiences as being a Coupa customer and how she has driven forward to create a diverse and inclusive global procurement organization which is committed to building a competitive and sustainable ecosystem with its supply chain.
  • The three-day event closed out with ‘An Audience with’ Susie and Toto Wolff who shared how they lead their own organisations in Formula-E and Formula 1 racing, whilst dealing with adversity, uniting and building high performing teams, ESG and promoting the future of motorsport.

The event and the fantastic conversations we had with organisations very much underpinned the experiences we shared during our 3 days at Coupa…

  1. Digital transformation of the entire ‘P2P’ environment has never been more accessible. However, organisations need support in delivering the overarching strategy.
  2. Procurement and supply-chain professionals are under greater pressure than ever before. Accessing the market in an efficient and effective way has never been more important.
  3. Inflationary pressure, disrupted supply-chains and resource scarcity is allowing suppliers to leverage their position. Buyers need to make themselves an attractive proposition to suppliers by simplifying how suppliers engage with them, offering quick decision making and an efficient P2P environment.

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Author: Matthew Hardaker