Coupa’s Procurement Maturity Model

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Coupa's Procurement Maturity Model

Every business must purchase goods and services to operate, and each purchase a business makes provides an opportunity to add value. As an organisation grows and matures, the race to increase value through balancing the organisation’s people, processes, and technologies requires deft manoeuvering and skillful navigation.

This e-book, details Coupa’s Procurement Model which helps you to understand where your organisation stands today within the four-stage model. It also outlines how to measure value at that stage and when to plan for moving to higher stages towards best-in-class.

The model focuses on 3 interdependent elements:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

In assessing your organisation’s position in relation to these three elements you’ll make a judgement on whether your organisation operates at a tactical and operational level, a sourcing mastery level, a category strategy level or, whether it operates at the highest level of ‘business innovation’.

A must-read for both procurement and finance professionals, download the e-book now to find out how you can make step change improvements in cost management.

The four stages of procurement maturity

How to rev up your business-spend value engine

Getting Spend Management Right For Your Business

If you’re considering implementing spend management technology but you’re wary about getting the right technology for your business or are concerned about the implementation process, find out more about Coupa and Barkers.

As official Coupa partners for the UK and Ireland’s SME and mid-tier market, we excel in supporting organisations to understand what features of a spend management system would most benefit them. We’ll talk through your current scenario, your challenges and aspirations, and recommend the elements of a world-leading system that will have the greatest positive impact on your business.

Why we excel at implementing digital procurement technology:

  • Barkers will be your single point of contact making the process easier and quicker to execute.
  • Our senior team not only support the successful implementation of the Coupa technology, they take a holistic view of the organisation’s procurement function.
  • We’re expert analysts who provide the following additional insight:
    • Procurement Maturity – Analysis of procurement maturity and a recommendation of how to develop your own capability to take full value from the tools.
    • Cost Analysis – Assessment of your current costs and the opportunity to reduce them.
    • Change Management – We secure enhanced user commitment through a change management process with behavioural science principles at its core.

The combined expertise of Barkers and the technology of Coupa provide the ideal opportunity to take hold of business spend, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and drive return on investment.

Get in touch with our Coupa Certified Team to find out more

Matthew Hardaker
Matthew Hardaker
Programme Manager

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