Digital Procurement Services

Transforming Procurement

With a new generation of digital tools

Barkers has developed a unique range of Digital Procurement Services tools to support our clients.  Our tools are unique because they are built by procurement and commercial practitioners not IT product development teams working off poorly defined system requirements. 

Using the latest generation of industry standard tools, we’ve built workflow automation, data analytics and category planning tools that work in the real world.  Each tool subscription comes with the professional services needed to engage your team in their usage and customise the solution to the ways of working you need.

Intro BUSINESS NEED Interactive data from multiple sources shows business needs and trends by category, supplier, buyer, business unit and geography. This allows teams to explore the data most relevant to them, understanding the impacts on their budget, employees and suppliers. Intro Opportunity The projects prioritised for delivery in the opportunity plan give stakeholders an instant view of the market being managed, the procurement resources allocated and precisely where and when value will be delivered. The outcome being an assessment and prioritisation of opportunity by buyer based on market analysis and stakeholder buy-in. Intro PLAN AND EXECUTE Once the opportunities are agreed, the detailed execution plan can be built. Procurement and Commercial activities are tracked alongside stakeholder influence and communications need. This helps procurement leaders know which stakeholders need influencing when and on what topics. Everybody stays focused on the key relationships needed to deliver the plan to time, cost and quality constraints. Intro LOCK IN VALUE As the plan is delivered stakeholders can see precisely when the business benefits will be delivered. Benefit are tracked alongside business risks so a balance view can be maintained. Benefits can also be illustrated geographically giving an instant view of which region is contributing most to the bottom line. Intro SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Consistently communicate key messages to all your suppliers. Using our APP all your company’s executives can be briefed on the latest ranking of supplier performance, relevant news and key messages immediately before or even during supplier meetings. Hover Me Scroll for More Get in Touch Seven day trial of our procurement software. Just click the get in touch link below.

We specialize in

Leveraging digital tools for business and procurement outsourcing

Global Network

Our global network of procurement and commercial professionals means we can provide professional services to the highest standards where you need them most.

Artificial Intelligence

At Barkers our Digital tools and procurement managed services all incorporate the latest AI solutions.

Business Outsourcing

Our team of experienced practitioners can provide a full managed service to help you manage those tricky tender processes.

Data Mining Techniques

Combining cleansed quantitative and assessed qualitative data, we provide deeper insights into opportunities to increase profit and improve relationships.

Our Core Digital Products and Services

Our core offerings
Digital Dashboard Subscriptions

Or £6,000 for a yearly subscription

£750.00 / month
  • Cloud-based digital tool
  • Suite of category management templates and data input sheets
  • Subscription to Microsoft Power BI for instant access
  • Category experts to get you started and map your data sources
  • On-site support to drive engagement if required
  • Remote support available if preferred
  • Available on monthly or annual subscription
Skills & Behaviour Assessments

Or £500 for 10

£75.00 / each
  • £75 each or £500 for 10 Cloud-based assessments from our digital suite
  • Category Management Skills Assessment
  • Assertion Behaviour Inventory
  • Negotiation Skills Assessment
  • Access to global results database
  • Available as one-off investment or suite of assessments
  • Tailored training and coaching solutions if desired
Full Commercial Health Check

Or bespoke packages available

£10,000.00 / one off fee
  • Expert Delivery Directors to conduct your health check
  • Results available in a cloud-based dashboard
  • Commercial Health Check Report
  • Digital Dashboard Analytics
  • Improvement Plan
  • On-site support to understand business challenges
  • Monitor improvements digitally against agreed performance measures

Digital Procurement

All your source data in one place

Procurement Technology

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