Digital Procurement Technology

Benefits of Contract Management

Barkers unique digital tools enable organisations to access bespoke and in-depth digital procurement technology with automated insight, and understand their opportunities to lock in value and maximise their insights.

The Importance of Robust Contract Management

It must be one of the finest feelings in business. Your email inbox pings, or your phone buzzes in your pocket with news that the tender has been successful. The prospective client you have been toiling so hard to tie to a contract has accepted your proposal, and subject to the signing of some papers, work can begin.

The day that papers are signed are often finished off with the chinking together of champagne flutes and congratulatory back-patting. There’s nothing wrong with this, indeed it should be encouraged. After all, this why we get into business, for these moments.

Unfortunately, what also frequently happens once the bubbles have begun to dissipate, is these hard-fought-for contracts are filed away, and largely forgotten about until issues begin to arise. It is one of the most persistent and potentially damaging habits any organisation can develop.

Improve Your Business Growth:

Understand organisational need at a glance with a digital report showing a summary of spend by category, broken down by key aspects such as Division or Supplier.  By clicking on each Category or Division, charts will highlight just the relevant information for that channel of spend.  You can view data which is ready-categorised for each of your key stakeholder, and we also provide an Executive Summary.

Interactive content enables you to explore opportunities to create value for your organisation, and can be used to summarise and present back to key stakeholders – who are then able to interrogate the data and access a detailed overview and market information in text format.

Linking to your existing Procurement Sourcing system, we can digitally enable your team to access insight at a glance, from immediate delivery milestones to the value of key categories; within our digital tool you can click on individual stakeholders to understand their immediate needs and priorities.

Report on your savings profile over the course of the year in combination with the risk profile for each category, enabling you to anticipate and address any threat to the creation of organisational value.

Our digital summary of supplier data allows your team and key stakeholders to access insight digitally and in seconds, ranging from SRM ranking and annual spend, to current media coverage of that supplier – all available in mobile format so you can prepare for meetings on the go.

Based on initial self-assessment supported by Barkers’ expert practitioners, our digital procurement technology demonstrates organisational capability against the Barkers ‘5 Pillars of Excellence’:

  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Category Management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • People and Capability
  • Behaviours
  • Procurement Outsourcing
  • Procurement Process

This sourcing self-assessment tool allows Procurement specialists to hone in on areas for improvement, and understand how other modules from our digital suite can support that journey.

Barkers will provide a bespoke procurement hub which enables you to understand organisational need and opportunity, improve planning and execution, manage risk, and improve your Supplier Relationship Management capability.  Our demonstration tool below brings this to life.

Achieve your business ambitions with Barkers.

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