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How to Run an IT Change Programme Effectively in 2020

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Imagine that your IT project went so badly, it threatened the very existence of your company…

When IT projects go wrong, they can threaten the very existence of the company. In the worst cases, organisations can find themselves embroiled in time consuming and expensive legal proceedings, as they seek regress from their IT service provider. For example, in 2018, Wipro settled a dispute with National Grid following an eight-year legal battle which cost them $75M. Hertz and Accenture are yet to resolve their dispute over web services, which began in 2016, when Hertz began proceedings to sue for $32M.

So, what are the pitfalls and where is most value added?

How to Negotiate IT Service Contracts Successfully

  1. Set a clear negotiating strategy
  2. Prepare carefully for the first meeting
  3. Confirm the scope
  4. Separate out the commercial negotiations
  5. Set the right pace
  6. Don’t let the supplier do all the work
  7. Focus on the transition schedule
  8. Communicate with internal stakeholders
  9. Be clear on team roles
  10. Manage risk

Download our latest White Paper for more detail, as author Mark Elkington shares his top ten tips with you.

How to Run an IT Change Programme Without Destroying Your Reputation

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Mark Elkington

Senior Managing Consultant

is a Senior Managing Consultant at Barkers, where his extensive experience of IT sourcing in FTSE 250 companies is utilised to support clients sourcing software, hardware, telecoms and outsourced services, including negotiating major software deals from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

Author: Mark Elkington
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