At Barkers we have a passion for IT Procurement. It’s been a cornerstone of the business since our formation in 2014. During this time, we have engaged in over 100 successful IT procurement engagements, with clients across varying sectors from FMCG to utilities, the public sector to the defense industry.

Our depth of IT expertise, quality of work and consistency of delivery are the key reasons our clients place their trust in us. Careful expansion of our talented team has enabled us to offer ‘cradle to grave’ IT procurement support. Recruiting only the most skilled IT procurement professionals, our team consists of IT sourcing strategists, software procurement specialists and commercial governance professionals offering the highest level of expertise at each stage of the IT procurement journey.

Our reputation is upheld by our loyal clients, many of whom we have worked with over several years and who frequently retain our services throughout the entirety of their IT transformation journey. 

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IT Procurement at Barkers

Our IT Procurement solution is bespoke to suit client needs. We take the time to understand the challenges faced by your organisation and recommend the right solutions. Using our repeatable tools and know-how, we will deliver the best possible outcomes for your business. We are collaborative in our style but lead from the front, offering you solutions based on our extensive experience and peer-reviewed best practice. 

We are adept at meeting every client scenario, having worked with multinational corporations requiring £100m+ contract renewals through to smaller scale organisations seeking contract advice and guidance.  

Below we detail our IT Procurement specialist areas, each delivered by subject matter experts specifically selected for their ability to deliver greatest impact for each client project:

Barkers can deliver the end-to-end procurement process for all your IT Procurement needs, be it software, hardware, network services or outsource services. Underpinned by our unique knowledge base we can support you through every stage of the procurement process: 

  • Determining the businesses requirements 
  • Writing and running the RFx processes (RFI, RFP and RFQ) 
  • Creating and agreeing the vendor selection criteria and supporting the business scoring 
  • Negotiating the vendor contract 

Barkers will provide you with an auditable process, help you select the most suitable vendor for your needs and ensure the best commercial and contract outcomes. 

Barkers can help you talk the same language as your CIO. Too often the objectives of IT and Procurement are not aligned.

The IT Sourcing Strategy, built in conjunction with your CIO, will inform and moderate the individual category strategies. This will establish a joined-up approach between IT and Procurement and ensure that individual category strategies work together to support the overall objectives of IT and Procurement.

Category Strategies are important to determine the next 12 – 36 months direction for each IT category and to align IT and Procurement activities. Barkers can build a strategy for each of your IT categories using our tried and tested repeatable process.

There are two elements to Performance and Relationship Management:  

  • Contract Governance 
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 

Contract Governance ensures that both the supplier’s and the customer’s obligations under the contract are properly understood, tracked and reported on. This enables the customer to both ensure that the vendor is delivering their obligations and that there are no excuses for poor delivery. Barkers is also experienced in IT Programme Contract Lifecycle Management for large scale IT Transformation Programmes which improves the probability of on-time/cost/quality outcomes. 

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) creates a value-add scenario for the customer by ensuring that there are no detrimental behaviours occurring in the relationship between the supplier and the customer. This is achieved through the implementation of a vendor relationship governance structure and regular monitoring of the relationship with light-touch 180 degree surveys.

Barkers have the tools and experience to both deliver Vendor Management on an ongoing basis or to set-up the process and handover to your business-as-usual team. In addition, Barkers are experienced in vendor relationship appraisal and improvement practices where a supplier relationship is not working and needs to be improved. Through use of our proprietary tools, Barkers are able to isolate the issues and work with both the supplier and customer to build and execute an improvement plan.

Contract reviews can be executed at any time in a contract’s lifecycle. Mid-term reviews can occur because the services no longer meet a customer’s requirements or because there is the opportunity to drive cost reductions. End-of-term contract reviews are good practice to ensure that all the lessons learned during the contract’s lifecycle are incorporated into the new contract. 

Barkers are experienced in reviewing IT contracts and recommending best-practice improvements and then renegotiating with the supplier. Our clients value our experience in driving out service improvements and cost reductions from existing contracts.

Many IT organisations are planning exercises where elements of insourced IT are to be outsourced or existing outsourced services are to be restructured. For some organisations it will be a first generation IT outsource, for others it may be a fifth generation outsource or greater. Barkers is experienced in working with your existing or retained organisation to determine the business and technical requirements and then drafting these into a robust, detailed, structure that can be used for both RFx exercises and final contracting. Combined with Barkers’ End-to-end IT Procurement Process, we can offer complete support for any generation of IT outsource exercise.

Barkers are experienced in negotiating new software license agreements or leading renewal negotiations with all major software companies, such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce, along with many others. Software As A Service (SaaS) contracts require a particular set of expertise as they are laden with multiple traps, such as inflationary price increases and unclear charging metrics. Having an experienced negotiator who understands the key areas of focus will both improve the pricing and avoid many of the future costs and risks that are built into the software supplier’s initial position.

Multi-category cost reduction exercises are Barkers’ speciality. Where existing category teams cannot find any further savings or where there needs to be a cost-reset, Barkers can help. We will deploy our category experts to analyse existing contracts, identify addressable spend and then drive out cost from either the existing supplier base or, if that is not possible, identify and onboard new suppliers that can deliver the business requirements at a lower price point.

Why Barkers

Insightful Practitioners

As IT specialists our purpose is to harness the latest sector insight and convert this into IT Procurement strategies that deliver results for our clients. We establish impactful, actionable steps that engage stakeholders. And our solutions are delivered by a highly experienced team to a timeframe that meets your key milestones.

Award-Winning Support

Consultancy.UK recognise organisations leading the way in procurement consultancy and awarded Barkers a Gold in 2023 acknowledging our procurement capabilities, company reputation and thought leadership. This award follows a history of recognition for our procurement prowess and values-focused approach.

Proven Track Record

We are trusted by clients and have a track record of exceptional delivery. Many clients retain our support for subsequent phases of their IT procurement deployment due to their experience of our intelligence-led, KPI-focused approach which delivers results to agreed timescales within budget. Take a look at our case studies below to find out more.

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IT Procurement In Action

Our case studies reveal the breadth of our technical expertise

A word from our Clients

Our clients trust our IT expertise

“Under Barker’s leadership we reached a final recommendation in what has been a highly complex selection process. This would not have been possible without the Barkers team; being able to put complete trust in such an experienced and dedicated pair of hands has helped us hugely, and been invaluable.”

Head of Indirect Procurement, FMCG Client

“Barkers helped us to achieve a robust and optimised commercial position in challenging timescales. We have retained them for commercial assurance on this project.”

Head of Indirect Procurement, FTSE100 CPG Client

“Mark’s ability to work at both a strategic and detailed level, combined with his clear, concise, stakeholder communications have made him highly effective in delivering commercial change. His knowledge and experience in IT Procurement is extensive. We would strongly recommend Mark and the team at Barkers.”

Head of Global IT Operations, FMCG Client

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