It’s Time for Procurement to Disrupt and Diversify

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procurement to disrupt and diversify

It’s Time for Procurement to Disrupt and Diversify

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“Procurement leadership places 195th out of 202 occupations reviewed for ethnic diversity.” Policy Exchange 2017

In this white paper Nicola Greenwood argues that procurement has a unique opportunity to deliver strategic value, innovation and social value whilst driving increased revenue through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

The business case, as Nicola evidences, is overwhelming – working with diverse third parties and suppliers not only secures competitive advantage but also improves innovation and problem solving capabilities. Furthermore, 47% of millennials state they are more likely to work for an organisation with strong DEI policies (World Economic Forum, 2019), supporting the argument that a focus upon DEI also future-proofs an organisation.

At the foundation of this white paper is Nicola’s belief that Procurement can take a leading position within organisations to improve their DEI position. Procurement leaders can become ambassadors of change, leveraging DEI to mark Procurement as a stand-out function. The question, Nicola asks, is whether Procurement is willing to become a strategically positive disruptor?

Nicola Greenwood’s white paper is an essential read to better understand the DEI business case for procurement, review the outward and inward DEI procurement perspective and to consider DEI within procurement’s future.

It’s Time for Procurement to Disrupt and Diversify

Nicola Greenwood

Nicola Greenwood

Founder at Greenwood Diversity

As a dynamic leader, Nicola is focused on changing the status quo within Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across the organisational landscape. Her goal is to create diverse ecosystems that reap benefits for all.

With more than 20 years’ experience, she brings energy, passion and extensive knowledge in procurement and supply. She has a talent for transforming organisations, armed with a diversity transformation methodology and a background in developing strategic programmes. She is no stranger to the delivery of world-class strategic structures. This experience has included building capabilities that have impacted the bottom line of complex and global corporations such as HSBC and driving strategy for government organisations while making multi-million pound savings in the process.
Author: Christina Yardley

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