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Enzen required a cost effective and reactive legal and commercial service to enable their bid team to respond to utility regulated tender opportunities. The service needed to ensure that prompt and pragmatic legal and commercial advice was provided and built into Enzen’s commercial submissions over a two-year period. Barkers responded with an innovative legal and commercial ‘retained service model’ ensuring effective and experienced support could be promptly provided in an efficient and value add manner.

Enzen required commercial and legal resource on hand to respond to time sensitive and high value utility market tender opportunities.

These ranged from reviewing contractual legal obligatory clauses, negotiating terms and conditions to benefit the business for future endeavours, commercial negotiations, mitigating legal and commercial risks alongside BAU issues. This included tenders under the Utility Contract Regulations 2016.

Due to the scale and timings of the various tenders, and competing priorities, Barkers ensured resource was available at all times to meet challenging
timescales and deadlines.

To achieve Enzen’s objectives, Barkers provided senior legal and commercial expertise on a retained basis, on call, to advise whenever required. This was focused upon contractual legal assessments, providing exceptions and deviations to support tender submissions as well as commercial and legal negotiation support during competitive procurement processes.

Barkers developed and implemented a retained service model with fixed price options depending on the size and complexity of the tender involved.

Barkers managed the many and varied competing priorities across a number of bids over a two-year period throughout this project, leveraging key resource for the benefit of Enzen and providing legal resource where the client lacked sufficient in-house capability to effectively manage legal and commercial risk.

Enzen also didn’t want to lose the commercial pragmatism which Barkers could provide or incur the higher costs of going to private practice law firms.

Enzen was able to promptly and compliantly satisfy their bidding obligations whilst effectively managing risk without the high costs of in-house legal resource, or private practice law firms.

We are pleased to announce the following results:

  • Energy Delivery Company Commercial Settlements
  • Technology Infrastructure Services Provider Legal Contractual Dispute Settlement
  • Gas Distribution Company Contract Award
  • Established and produced Enzen’s Standard Contracts (including partnership agreements)
  • Completion of IT Contract Renewals i.e. with a distribution network operator
  • Production of Termination Notices i.e. with a global technology company

“Enzen developed a great partnership with Barkers, and their dedication to our commercial and legal department was exceptional. Barkers provided a refreshing new way of working to provide guidance, and advice in terms of cost mitigation and legalities. Barkers have supported us in reducing cost not only for the business, but also through our contractual obligations. The attention to detail that Barkers provide exceeds other consulting companies. What makes Barkers exceptional is their genuine care for their clients and eye for detail.”

Barkers: Enzen Case Study

Author: Rachel Freeman
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