ESG, it’s included within many corporate strategies in 2024. But do you know what is it and what it stands for? Have you been tasked with embedding ESG principles into your procurement or finance strategies, and do you feel confident in monitoring your ESG performance and accurately reporting back to the Board? If you’re unsure about any of the above you’re not alone. Barkers can help.

Using our decades of experience, we demystify ESG through our ESG Supply Chain Solution approach. We take a holistic view and adopt a tailored approach to your organisation, highlighting the areas that are most relevant to you, and offering practical advice that enables you to focus on impactful solutions within your supply chain. And we support you to TRACK, MONITOR and REPORT back on your success.

When it comes to ESG we’re passionate in our desire to help organisations succeed, based on our overarching ‘procurement with principles’ philosophy. We practice what we preach and our ESG Supply Chain solution empowers businesses to prioritise purposeful procurement, supporting you to succeed on your ESG journey and create lasting change.


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ESG at Barkers

Our ESG Supply Chain service is tailored to your organisational requirements. We’re experienced in working with multinational organisations as well as smaller enterprises on procurement strategy and will tailor our approach in line with both your ESG aspirations and budget.

Our comprehensive ESG Diagnosis gets to the heart of your current ESG procurement practices, identifying areas where your organisation may be at operational or reputational risk. We’ll highlight opportunities that should be harnessed and maximised, providing you with a comprehensive implementation plan tailored to your goals. This is the framework for success. Features of our ESG Diagnosis include:

Business Case for Change

We’ll discuss why you should focus on ESG, what the opportunities are that an ESG strategy affords, and crucially, what’s the risk of doing nothing.

RAG Risk Assessment aligned to UN Sustainability Goals with ESG Maturity Assessment

We use the UN Sustainability Goals as a basis to perform a comprehensive RAG Risk Assessment. The results of which will be presented to you using a spider graph bespoke to your individual circumstances. The diagramme will highlight the areas to focus on to make improvements, providing a framework to move forward, all centred around your current supply chain.

ESG Opportunity Assessment

Using the RAG Risk Assessment results, we’ll undertake a comprehensive analysis of how to close the ESG gaps identified and focus on turning those opportunities into a competitive advantage for your organisation.

Prioritised Implementation Plan

This stage looks at the ‘how’, ‘when’, and ‘why’ surrounding the ESG improvements your organisation can commit to make. SMART objectives will be drawn up to facilitate success.

ESG Reporting Dashboards

It’s crucial to report on your ESG journey. Our dashboards enable organisations to demonstrate the progress the organisation is making, ensuring auditable results.

Our mantra is that ESG should be a golden thread within your business. Without an ESG commitment from across the organisation, risk may not be fully understood and opportunities for change may be lost. Our ESG Supply Chain Strategy builds on ESG Diagnosis but delves deeper, aligning Procurement Strategy with Organisational Strategy. It could include the following elements:

Corporate Strategy and Function Synergy Alignment

Your ESG strategy should align with your Corporate Strategy. We assist in ensuring these elements work together. By taking a holistic approach we will help you stay aligned, whilst determining, driving, and demonstrating best value for you.

Corporate Value Assessments and Recommendations

It’s important to understand the value of the ESG work you undertake. We will guide your organisation on the methodology to determine, measure and demonstrate the value of the actions you have taken.

Internal Stakeholder Alignment, Strategy and Collaboration

ESG is a catalyst for transformation. We will support your organisation in developing ESG as a positive driver for change by demonstrating the differing values ESG policies can bring to all stakeholders.

Competitor Benchmarking and Recommendations

Understanding what trailblazing organisations are doing in the ESG space, and learning from them is important. We will show you what benefits early adopters are gaining, and work with your team to ensure you get ‘first mover advantage’.

Risk and Reward Analysis

We will guide your organisation in recognising, mitigating and benefiting from the opportunities ESG can offer an aligned organisation.

ESG Technology Recommendations

The right technology can support and enhance your ESG strategy. We will guide your organisation to the best technical solution to fit your bespoke requirements, because we know that one size does not fit all.

Staff Training and Change Management Recommendations

Education is an important aspect of change management. We recommend accredited partners for any training requirements, whilst also guiding/assisting with the organisational change that is required to support an aligned ESG policy.

Sustainable Sourcing Strategy

Sustainable procurement strategy is in our DNA. We will recommend and develop an appropriate ESG lead procurement strategy, which may or may not adhere to ISO20400 – Sustainable Procurement.

ESG Reporting Dashboards

It’s crucial to report on the outcomes of your ESG actions to all key stakeholders. We will work with your organisation to allow your good work and progress to be demonstrated in an auditable fashion.

This will be presented as a Comprehensive ESG Supply Chain Strategy with actionable steps for implementation.

During Phase 3 we will enable your organisation to make the changes required to drive and implement your ESG Supply Chain Strategy successfully.

We offer ESG as a Managed Service, meaning our ESG specialists will form an extension of your team, and using their extensive knowledge, will implement your ESG Supply Chain Strategy to agreed timescales and KPIs.

Adept in organisational change, our team will establish procedures that facilitate the successful onboarding and management of suppliers aligned to the organisation’s ESG strategy. And they’ll support the exit of any suppliers that fail to meet your requirements. Crucially they’ll regularly monitor and report on agreed KPIs, crucial to successfully reporting on ESG commitments to the Board.

Carefully constructed risk management plans will be put in place with supply chain reporting procedures against key benchmarks established. This enables potential risk to be identified earlier, with mitigation strategies acted upon swiftly.

A culture of ESG will be encouraged throughout the function with mentorship and training and development opportunities identified, providing for a legacy that extends beyond our involvement.

Why Barkers

ESG Real Impact

We know that 80% of a company’s sustainability impact is in its supply chain. This translates to a significant amount of potential ESG risk that many companies are not actively controlling. That’s why our ESG Supply Chain Solution enables our clients to concentrate efforts and resource where it’s most needed for maximum benefit to people now and in the future, and focus efforts where it will be most valued in the board room. ESG matters to our team, and they are keen to share their expertise with you.

ESG Specialists

Our team are specialists in their field having written theses on ESG matters including modern slavery and sustainable supply chains. The teams’ dedication to remaining at the pinnacle of ESG knowledge is further evidenced through their engagement in local and international sustainable CPD events, and their position within groups including the Anti-Slavery Wales Supply Chains and International Group, the Modern Slavery Service Providers Forum and leadership roles within the Cheshire and North Wales CIPS branch.

Proven Track Record

We are trusted by clients and have a track record of exceptional delivery. Our intelligence-led, best practice approach drives collaboration with clients whilst our KPI focus ensures the successful delivery of optimal results to agreed timescales within budget. We’ve worked with many clients for several years, who value our approach and the results we deliver. Take a look at our ESG case studies below or view our full listing of case studies to find out more about the impact we deliver for clients.

ESG Recognition

At Barkers ESG runs through the DNA of our company. We’re National Social Value, BiTC and CIPS award winners in acknowledgement of our work delivering social value, and are a certified silver carbon literacy organisation with our permanent team trained through the Carbon Literacy Project. We’ve also been awarded carbon neutral status demonstrating an unwavering commitment to carbon reduction. We’re passionate about the importance of ESG and we are driven to support your business to make a positive impact on the planet too.

Succeed on your ESG journey and create lasting change! Talk to our ESG specialists today

Knowledge Share

We’re passionate about increasing awareness of ESG principles within procurement and have hosted ESG-themed CPD events and regularly release blogs showcasing how procurement can drive positive change. Find out more:


“We selected Barkers primarily for the depth of their procurement experience but also because their ethical approach and commitment to the creation of social value differentiates them from other consultancies. The Barkers team worked alongside our staff to enhance the team and accelerate our delivery of budget impacting savings and the creation of localised social value.”

David Levy, Head of Strategic Procurement, Seven Force Strategic Collaboration

“An inspiring partnership, recognising and developing creative solutions to local social issues in the most effective way. Barkers and Bolton Family are a compelling example of people coming together from right across the community, with passion, authenticity and trust.”

Lisa Charles, Director of Business Services, Bolton at Home

Develop Your ESG Knowledge

As procurement professionals are uniquely placed to make a significant impact on an organisation’s ESG footprint we fully endorse that procurement professionals should receive guidance and training in ESG principles. Developmental opportunities procurement teams could consider include:

*note that Barkers do not endorse the organisations listed above, we merely aim to provide you with a starting point to begin researching education and training options across key ESG themes.

ESG matters to our team, and they are keen to share their expertise with you! Talk to us today