Pandemic – Impact on Bid Management

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Pandemic Bid Management

Pandemic – Impact on Bid Management

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Has the Pandemic Helped Re-Shape Best Practices in Procurement and Bid Management?

Yesterday marked a year since the UK went into its first lockdown. It’s been a year like no other for businesses across the land. In this white paper Victoria Johnson looks back on the previous 12 months and asks whether the pandemic has helped re-shape best practices in procurement and bid management.

So what has changed? Certainly remote working has had a significant impact upon bid working practices, encouraging an innovative approach to what is intrinsically a collaborative process involving subject matter experts, writers, managers and reviewers. In tandem with adapting to new ways of working there has also been a need to respond quickly to tender responses, to ensure consistency of supply and business as usual during challenging times. And at a time where securing long term business is a crucial part of many organisation’s business development strategies, ensuring a bid stands out from the competition has become an absolute necessity.

Reshaping bidding best practice models as a consequence of the pandemic has become a core requirement. In this white paper Victoria also offers suggestions to support your organisation to turn the challenge of the pandemic into a positive change for your bid management practices.

Victoria Johnson’s white paper considers the impact that the Covid19 pandemic has had upon bid management, both in terms of working practices and processes. She questions whether this has impacted best practice within the industry and offers suggestions to turn the challenges of the pandemic into a positive outcome.

Has the Pandemic Helped Re-shape Best Practices in Procurement and Bid Management?

Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson

Bid Services Director at Bid Writing Service

Victoria is a member of the APMP and has over 15 years’ experience working in bid management helping organisations across a huge variety of sectors to secure additional business through successful bid wins.

With an impressive 80%+ success rate, Victoria’s track record is further supported by a portfolio of remarkable testimonials, evidencing her professional and detailed approach. Victoria is spearheading BWS Bid Writing Service, part of the Barkers family.
Author: Victoria Johnson