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Procurement Consultancy – For all the machinations, complexities, and strategies of business, regardless of the model or sector, all have the same goal in mind – boosting profitability. Of course, there are other aims as well; demonstrating a strong corporate social responsibility, leading innovation and creating employment.

At Barkers we support clients to achieve financial success through a procurement focus that takes a holistic approach to the business. We offer the following services:

Cost Transformation

Reduced costs both in the short-term and longer-term for improved profitability… Find out more here!

Procurement Transformation

The Barkers team brings the experience and lessons learned from transforming procurement organisations... Find out more here!

Digital Procurement

Efficiencies in standard procurement processes enabling greater time to be spent on strategic as opposed to operational activities... Find out more here!

Coupa Implementation

Certified and approved Coupa implementation partners, and the leading digital procurement transformation practice for SME and Mid-Tier markets in the UK... Find out more here!

Contract Lifecycle Management

At Barkers we look at contract lifecycle management differently.... Find out more here!

Procurement Managed Services

Our Procurement Managed Service is a flexible service centred entirely around defined outputs that are pertinent to a client’s unique circumstances... Find out more here!

Bid Writing

As a centre of excellence for bid management support, enjoying an 80%+ success rate, our Bid Writing Service helps clients to win bids... Find out more here!

At Barkers Procurement our team supports clients with procurement challenges across a wide range of geographies and industries. That’s why we’ve focused our services on the challenges that occur most frequently.

This allows us to leverage experience gained, market knowledge (digital procurement technology, category management, contract management and supply chain) and intellectual property created, to bring the best results to each and every assignment. 

Whilst we’ve dealt with your challenges before, your culture, values and business priorities remain unique. That’s where our blend of senior procurement and commercial practitioners can bring decades of relevant experience based on standing in shoes just like yours.

Transform Your Business

Managing change is essential for business success. In the procurement function, a significant area of development has been the evolution of spend management technology and digital procurement functionality which impact the procurement process and contractual arrangements.

 The Barkers team provide experienced support and delivery capability to help you navigate through the commercial minefield of an ever-evolving digital technology landscape.

Managing acquisitions successfully is difficult, with studies typically showing that 50% of acquisitions are unsuccessful.

Barkers Procurement Consultancy brings pragmatic experience from a senior team with hands-on experience of mergers and acquisitions and a deep knowledge of the impact this process has on procurement functions.

We can provide realistic assessments of potential supply chain and procurement efficiencies, as well as the hands-on delivery capability to deliver the efficiencies post-merger.

Nearly all businesses have a ‘profitable revenue growth’ goal, but not many successfully ring-fence procurement cost savings and add these to the pot.

Fewer still can leverage strategic supplier relationships to align them to their growth strategy. At Barkers we help businesses achieve competitive advantage through optimised supply chains, cost transformation programmes and supplier relationship management, to provide a foundation on which you can successfully deliver your growth strategy.

Increasingly CPOs and CFOs are required to support businesses to achieve targets aligned with social value and ESG principles. As an award-winning ethical procurement consultancy Barkers have proven and demonstrable success in enabling organisations to not only achieve these objectives but achieve them in a sustainable way.

Read about the strategy we developed to support Seven Police Force Collaboration to achieve substantial cost savings whilst exceeding their social value targets

More about our Procurement Consultancy

It’s our Team working together that have enabled us to create a multi-award-winning procurement consultancy, recognised as a trusted expert in both the public and private sectors. We offer high-quality procurement and commercial services enabling our clients to drive financial performance, improve supplier relationships and compliance and create legacy solutions that extend long after our involvement.

We are also passionate about raising the profile of ethical procurement, using our knowledge and experience to develop creative and client-focused solutions and holding social value at the heart of everything we do. Working constructively and collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs and develop bespoke solutions alongside upskilling existing teams to create sustainable benefits and high performing procurement functions is what we do.

Talk to us about your procurement challenges.