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Procurement Consultancy – For all the machinations, complexities, stresses, and strategies of business, regardless of the model or sector, all have the same goal in mind – boosting profitability. Of course, there are other aims as well; demonstrating a strong corporate social responsibility, leading innovation, creating employment – but these subsidiary ambitions are all dependent on a business enjoying financial success.  On being profitable.

Achieving profitability is not easy. Indeed, merely breaking even requires a herculean effort. An effort which proves too much for around half of all UK businesses within their first five years of spend analysis. Businesses must be prepared for disruption.

At Barkers Procurement our team encounter similar challenges across a wide range of clients, geographies and industries. 

That’s why we’ve focused our services on the challenges that occur most frequently.

This allows us to leverage experience gained, market knowledge (digital procurement technology, category management, contract management and supply chain) and intellectual property created, to bring the best results to each and every assignment. 

Whilst we’ve dealt with your challenges before, your culture, values and business priorities remain unique.

That’s where our blend of senior procurement and commercial practitioners can bring decades of relevant experience based on standing in shoes just like yours.

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From Category Management skills to Strength Deployment Inventory, our team can help you develop your procurement and commercial skills and expertise. Register for a free coaching taster session below.

When working with Warren I have consistently been impressed by the skills and personal style he brings to complicated procurement and supplier negotiations. I would recommend him as an asset to anyone with complicated renegotiation or procurement requirements.– John Sharkey Head of CIO Business Partners – United Utilities

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Conversations about business and industry are so dominated with talk of investment and ‘investment opportunities’, that, despite its potentially enormous implications, divestment becomes something of an afterthought.

As the private sector becomes ever more fragmented, divestment and the opportunities and risks it presents must occupy an equal place in commercial dialogue.

Divestments are complex procedures and require careful consideration of all associated risks and implications. If these are not considered with sufficient scrutiny, they can have significant commercial, legal, and operational impacts.

Often, Procurement professionals are not consulted early, or adequately enough in a Divestment process. However, they are a vital stakeholder in managing and mitigating key risks.

Procurement should always have a seat at the table to help advise on approach, and set strategy.

Procurement Consultancy

Divestment impacts

Legal Impact/Risk
Operational Impact
Financial Impact

Need for a Coordinated Approach

Divestment is not a Part-time exercise
Taking a step back
Taking Stock
Don’t take for granted that everything will be ok!
TSAs are not always the best answer!
Opportunity for a Fresh Start
Conclusion: Be ready for the initial storm