Digital Procurement Technology

Digital Procurement Technology

Barkers unique digital tools enable organisations to access bespoke and in depth automated insight, and understand their opportunities to lock in value and maximise their insights.

Barkers didn’t come to the table with pre-conceived ideas as to what the solution should look like.  They really started to unpick what the actual layers of the problem were.  I believe that has been a far more effective way of delivering a successful solution.– Alan Hartley

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Based on initial self-assessment supported by Barkers’ expert practitioners, our digital technology demonstrates organisational capability against the Barkers ‘5 Pillars of Excellence’:

This sourcing self-assessment tool allows Procurement Leaders to hone in on areas for improvement, and understand how other modules from our digital suite can support that journey.

Barkers will provide a bespoke procurement hub which enables you to understand organisational need and opportunity, improve planning and execution, manage risk, and improve your Supplier Relationship Management capability.  Our demonstration tool below brings this to life.