Cost Transformation

Cost Transformation

Where efforts and ideas have been exhausted and yet more value is required, Barkers will bring an injection of pace, ideas, broader market knowledge and practitioners who understand how to change and deliver the cost / value paradigm.

We help organisations to assess their opportunities to reduce cost using our unique digital technology and deep data insight, helping Procurement teams to move away from cost avoidance to genuine cost transformation, and ensuring the positive impact on the bottom line is recognised by the organisations’ executive management team.

Warren and his colleagues in Barkers, are trusted to always do the right thing.  This has meant on, occasions, delaying or putting at risk outcome related to payments to Barkers because it would not have been the right thing at the time for the client.– Lynne Morrison Head of commercial, Interserve

At Barkers, we’ve invested years developing relationships with the very best industry specialists, meaning we can always deliver deep subject matter expertise to the areas you need to focus on.

Sometimes just knowing the right thing to do is not enough.  In our opinion the best way to transform cost is to coordinate the best specialists in a programme of cost transformation that has buy-in at all levels of your organisation.

Our Cost Transformations are not typically led by a procurement expert, although we’ve got plenty on those in the team.  We employ former Sales and Business Development VPs and Commercial Directors from suppliers in your supply chain – in short, the people that know how your suppliers make money from you.

They also have credibility with your CIO, CFO and MD to ensure we convey the compelling case for change.  Their experience of leading the organisations in your supply chain also means we are instantly credible with suppliers.  We don’t get bogged down in the usual account team negotiations we go straight to the top of your supplier’s decision making hierarchy and drive compelling deals to a rapid conclusion that brings genuine value to all parties.

Current Process

Our core Barkers team are all practitioners. We’ve sat at the Procurement Manager’s desk and done the day job.  We’ve worked in IT and understand the internal challenges of change and business transformation.

We work at a pace that is realistic for you and your business priorities.By respecting people at all levels of your organisation and bringing the credibility of having ‘done the job’ we drive engagement and support for change, whilst bringing deep market knowledge and the latest supply market innovations to your cost transformation programme.