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Procurement Value Proposition

Procurement Value Proposition

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Barkers Commercial Services are leading experts in procurement. The team understands what an accomplished procurement department looks like. Crucially, they know how best to achieve success and ensure that stakeholders recognise the value the department brings to the whole organisation.

Senior Managing Consultant, Mark Elkington’s latest white paper is entitled ‘Selling the Procurement Value Proposition’. In this paper Mark considers the key challenges that are faced by procurement functions and recommends steps that can be taken to ensure that the true value of the department is realised.

Mark Elkington’s white paper focuses on ‘Selling the Value Proposition’ and is a key read for all procurement function’s grappling the question of how they effectively become ‘salespeople’ and promote the merits of their team across the organisation.

Selling the Procurement Value Proposition

Mark Elkington

Senior Managing Consultant

is a Senior Managing Consultant at Barkers. Mark has nearly 30 years of procurement and commercial experience. Having worked in Head of Department roles, Mark understands what it takes to manage a successful and dynamic procurement team.

Author: Christina Yardley

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