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Contract Lifecycle Management

Ethical Procurement

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Aspire to achieve

  • Contracts streamlined to strategic business priorities
  • Enriched supplier relationships
  • Greater business efficiencies
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced risk management plans
  • Contracts which offer sustainable solutions and longer-term value.

Align your contracts to strategic goals

Why Choose Us

A Tailored Approach

At Barkers we look at contract lifecycle management differently. Whilst we have tried and trusted methodology developed over our decades of experience and refined to incorporate the latest insight and technologies, we take a tailored approach specific to the contract and the context of the organisation.

A Comprehensive Process

We will always work with clients to fully understand the business circumstances and the drivers for change. As part of this process, we’ll undertake a gap analysis on the current approach against best practice principles. This will always be led by an experienced practitioner ensuring that we use our market insight from multiple clients and sectors to recommend contract solutions which offer more than simple cost benefits.

A Long-Term View

We’re committed to ‘working with’ an organisation as opposed to ‘doing things’ to them. We forge great relationships with our clients, ensuring that the knowledge and understanding of the contract management approach undertaken is owned, embedded and sustained by internal teams. This long-term value is consistent with our principles to leave a legacy that extends beyond our involvement.

Features of Contract Lifecycle Management

At Barkers we set clients on a journey of robust contract lifecycle management which deliver certainty, defined governance, opportunities to mitigate risk, innovation potential and much more.

Typically, we’ll prioritise working on contracts of great worth, lengthy duration or high degrees of complexity which are likely to be in regards to Capital, services, Outsourcing or hybrid models. This offers our clients maximum impact and return on investment.

Simplified, our proactive and methodical approach to contract lifecycle management covers a four-stage process which our experienced team of contract professionals support clients to execute fully.

Contract Lifecycle

A collaborative stage of the process that seeks to understand a client’s current contract commitments, drivers for change and strategic business priorities. This is combined with independent gap analysis, benchmarking and market research resulting in recommendations of contract and supplier selection based on criteria which includes complexity of project, risk capacity and capability.

Within contract execution we work with clients to establish and formalise processes to ensure the smooth running of new contract implementation. We’ll support the application of a transition plan and any change methodology systems that may be required.

Once the new contracts are established, work doesn’t stop there. We encourage and facilitate supplier relationship management. This can often have profound impacts on innovation and can provide continuous improvement opportunities for clients to harness. Tracking and benefits reporting are key at this stage and risks will continue to be identified and managed.

At Barkers our analysis skills are second to none. We work with clients to assess impact against original drivers for change, as well as reviewing datasets against benchmarks. Recommendations will be made to support the client to achieve optimum results and facilitate decision making to renew or exit.


Each client and each contract is different due to variations in complexity, contract type and inhouse capabilities. So no two outcomes will ever be the same. But what we can guarantee to clients is that they will achieve more than simple cost benefits and short-term value from our contract lifecycle management service.

Our service will provide:

  • A benchmarked process which takes account of market changes and enables new legislation and/or advances in practice or technology to be considered and provisioned for. This ensures clients’ contracts are future-proofed.
  • A clear and structured plan for both the client and service provider, enabling contracts to be delivered as intended, milestones to be met, and a platform for informed decision making.
  • Elimination of under-performing contracts in a controlled and disciplined way.
  • The opportunity for value that has been agreed but not delivered, to be realised through our superb negotiation and SRM skills.
  • Course correction and re-setting of relationships if needed, handled in a sensitive yet pragmatic way.
  • A clear and concise risk register with mitigating actions and plans which is owned within the contracting entity.
  • Comprehensive reporting and intelligence for next generation contracts, paving the way for future success.
Contact Lifecycle Management

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