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Coupa Inspire 2023 Spartan award winners

We are recognised as a rising star within the Coupa partner ecosystem — one whose perseverance, demonstration of Coupa’s core values, and commitment to collaboration are unmatched.

Coupa Inspire 2024 Winners

Recognition for an exceptional implementation project with Sunbelt Rentals: ‘Transformation Project of the Year – EMEA’

We are award-winning, certified and approved Coupa implementation partners, and the leading digital procurement transformation practice for SME and Mid-Tier markets in the UK and Ireland. Coupa’s Implementation incorporates a world-class, market-leading, cloud-based spend management technology that delivers exceptional results.

  • Increased efficiencies and improved bottom line due to enhanced visibility and control over spend. 
  • A procurement function empowered, motivated and enthused to make a greater impact on the organisation’s profitability. 
  • Exceptional cost-control, visibility and supplier management underpinned and enabled by class leading technology.
  • Complete control over spend with the opportunity to generate further sustainable value through Barkers’ procurement maturity assessments, recommendations and comprehensive change delivery programme.

Business Spend: See It. Understand It. Control it.

The Coupa Business Spend Management Platform features a transactional core of four key modules;

  • Procurement
  • Invoicing
  • Expenses
  • Pay 

Coupa then leverages this transactional core to enable power users across:

  • Spend Analysis
  • Supply Chain Planning and Design
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Inventory Management
  • Contract Management
  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Suppliers and Risk
  • Treasury Management

Users gain heightened visibility to total business spend and are equipped to analyse this data, benchmarking it against trillions of dollars of business spend data through an AI enabled platform. This facilitates the optimisation of spend, reduction of risk and improved efficiency. 

The technology is best-in-class, functionally rich and affordable. It offers the tools and methodology to replace clunky, old systems and the associated challenges they bring such as slow and labour-intensive processes which sap energy and enthusiasm, leaving little time for innovation. Find out more about Coupa’s Procurement Model 

The Barkers Value-Add

Barkers will be your single point of contact making the process easier and quicker to execute.

Our senior team not only support the successful implementation of the Coupa technology, they take a holistic view of the organisation’s procurement function. We’re expert analysts who provide the following additional insight: 

  • Procurement Maturity – Analysis of procurement maturity and a recommendation of how to develop your own capability to take full value from the tools. 
  • Cost Analysis – Assessment of your current costs and the opportunity to reduce them.
  • Change Management – We secure enhanced user commitment through a change management process with behavioural science principles at its core. 

The combined expertise of Barkers and the technology of Coupa provide the ideal opportunity to take hold of business spend, improve efficiencies, reduce costs and drive return on investment.

Why Choose Us

Intuitive User Interface Technology

Clients leverage a single, intuitive interface for all their spend activities across Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Invoicing, Risk and Expense Management.

Industry Leading Adoption Rates

Coupa’s cuttingedge, userfriendly technology, when coupled with Barkers’ implementation expertise, makes for enviable adoption rates and an outstanding user experience.

Enhanced Strategic Decision Making

Our implementation team are comprised of senior procurement consultants who specialise in business strategy. Coupa clients benefit from this additional insight and guidance.

Comprehensive Platform
Coupa breaks down silos between areas of spend encouraging collaboration with shared data, insights and processes. This makes for smarter decision making and enhanced relationships.
Award winning implementation

Officially recognised by Coupa  in 2024 for Transformation Project of the Year – EMEA and in 2023 with the Spartan award for our demonstration of Coupa’s core values and commitment to collaboration.

Features of Coupa Digital Implementation

We offer a comprehensive Coupa digital implementation service with a value-focused approach. Our Barkers/Coupa model addresses three core stages which drive success for our clients:

  • Value Discovery 
  • Value Acceleration 
  • Value Maximisation 

Our proven model for ensuring the long-term success of all our clients: 

Coupa Barkers implementation

At Barkers, our expert team are experienced practitioners who boast a blend of global consultancy and procurement practitioner experience. We’re highly skilled in listening to client’s challenges, understanding their business needs and using our insight to recommend solutions that inspire success. We work collaboratively with clients to define business goals and success metrics, facilitating a transparent and measurable process driven by our honest and open values.

Configuration, integration and implementation is led by our team of Engagement Managers, Solution Architects and Technical Architects. Our team are certified on all core Coupa products and committed to a continuous training programme to ensure that they are always up to date with functional enhancements and the latest Coupa products coming to market.  

But more than that, at Barkers we work with clients to ensure that a client’s business is equipped and prepared to receive the solutions that Coupa provide. We do this on two levels; on a practical, systems-based level, but also on a human level. 

We work with clients to review their current systems to ensure integration is successful and disruption from day-to-day activities is minimised. Our mantra is that by taking the time to put the groundwork in, clients will reap the greatest dividends. 

We excel in our relentless focus on the human element of digital transformation, so frequently overlooked by alternative suppliers. We understand that whilst technology is key, adoption and acceptance is paramount. Our team consist of behavioural science experts who use their outstanding knowledge in cognitive bias, personality traits and other behavioural science principles, to motivate, enable and empower procurement teams adopting new technologies. 

The following diagramme sets out our approach to implementation:

Coupa Barkers Methodology

Once successfully implemented we go further in our drive for success. We continually review the effectiveness of the systems in place, searching for ways in which we can extract maximum value and opportunity for our clients. We regularly communicate with clients to discuss any new challenges that they may be facing, consider any recent circumstances affecting their organisation, and support them to find optimum solutions.  

At Barkers we are committed to continuous improvement with a focus on the future. Our partnership with Coupa ensures that clients can be confident that the technology of today is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Fully comprehensive spend management system giving clients total visibility of their supplier expenditure in as little as 4 months. A class-leading timescale versus industry peers
  • Smarter, streamlined decision making
  • Efficiencies in system and process to drive lower costs and avoid unnecessary spend, positively impacting bottom line
  • Reduced risk through effective risk management and supplier onboarding
  • Increased control and compliance
  • Empowered, motivated and confident team
  • Improved supplier relationship management through improved purchase-to-pay, error-free invoicing and reduced supplier administration
  • Improved collaboration and communication across departments
  • Identification of further cost-saving opportunities through Barkers’ strategic assessments. 

Meet the Coupa Team

Matthew Hardaker
Matthew Hardaker
Delivery Director
Stephen Bottomley B&W (1)
Stephen Bottomley
Solutions Architect
Elian Simonini-Parker B&W
Elian Simonini-Parker
Solutions Architect
Luke Foster
Luke Foster
Solutions Architect
Luke Benson
Luke Benson
Solutions Architect

Shared Vision

The partnership between Coupa and Barkers is strengthened by the companies mutual commitment to sustainable solutions. Coupa aim to help businesses to leverage their spend to drive responsible and measurable impact. Supplier diversity insights enable businesses using the Coupa BSM platform to evaluate supply chain diversity and digitising processes supports a company’s pledge to lessen their environmental footprint. 

Barkers are fully committed to delivering social value. We are renowned for our ethical procurement practices and are award winners in this space. Find out more about how we deliver social value

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