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Digital Procurement Service

Digital Procurement

Barkers have been recognised by Consultancy.UK as a Gold Procurement Consultancy Firm. Consultancy.UK recognise those organisations leading the way in procurement consultancy within the UK with organisations assessed on their procurement capabilities, company reputation, analyst benchmarks, industry recognitions, thought leadership and more.

Aspire to achieve

  • Efficiencies in standard procurement processes enabling greater time to be spent on strategic as opposed to operational activities. 
  • High levels of adoption of digital procurement technologies coupled with user expertise. 
  • Inspired and enthused teams capable of delivering digital procurement solutions effectively. 
  • Faster delivery of cashable business benefits.

We provide a Coupa Implementation Service

Why Choose Us

Business Value Experts

In addition to offering digital technology solutions and supporting the successful adoption of these through our role as technology integration and project management specialistsour team have all led procurement functions and understand what drives real business value. We bring decades of practical experience to each implementation project to ensure clients gain from our experience.

Humans not Robots

We excel in our relentless focus on the human element of digital transformationWe understand that whilst technology is key, adoption and acceptance is paramount. Our team consist of behavioural science experts who use their outstanding knowledge in behavioural science principles, to motivate, enable and empower procurement teams adopting new technologies.

Long-Term Solutions

We are digital procurement advisers who focus upon sustainable solutions. Technology changes at pace, but at Barkers we can guarantee that we are one step ahead, partnering with providers who ensure that the technology of today is ready to meet the procurement challenges of tomorrow.

Features of Digital Procurement Solutions

Digital technologies have the power to transform procurement departments.

At Barkers we offer the following digital procurement services: 

  • Barkers’ Digital Tools and Dashboards 
  • Digital Implementation Services 
  • Digital Solution Advice

Barkers has developed a unique range of Digital Procurement Services tools to support our clients.  Our tools are unique because they are built by procurement and commercial practitioners not IT product development teams working off poorly defined system requirements.  

Using the latest generation of industry standard tools, we’ve built workflow automation, data analytics and category planning tools that work in the real world.  Each tool subscription comes with the professional services needed to engage teams in their usage and are fully customisable to suit working practices. 

Our digital tools include: 

  • Procurement maturity assessment and recommendations 
  • Skills, behaviours and change readiness assessment and recommendations 
  • Digital dashboards and category management

Barkers’ sourcing self-assessment tools allow Procurement Leaders to hone-in on areas for improvement and understand how other modules from our digital suite can support that journey. 

Barkers provides a bespoke procurement hub enabling clients to understand organisational need and opportunity, improve planning and execution, manage risk, and improve Supplier Relationship Management capability.  Our demonstration tool below brings this to life.

At Barkers we only partner with recognised industry leaders to provide digital implementation services. We are proud to be recognised as approved Coupa partners for the SME and Mid-Tier markets in the UK and Ireland.  

Coupa are renowned for offering one of the world’ leading cloud-based business spend management platforms unifying supply chain, procurement, payments and treasury. Find out more about Coupa’s digital solution

We are Digital Solution Advisers and support clients to select and successfully embed digital technologies to optimise procurement functions. Our behaviour and change management expertise makes us uniquely placed to offer support and guidance to successfully oversee the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, driving higher adoption and satisfaction rates from existing teams. This in turn delivers cashable business benefits faster.

Barkers didn’t come to the table with pre-conceived ideas as to what the solution should look like.  They really started to unpick what the actual layers of the problem were.  I believe that has been a far more effective way of delivering a successful solution.

Alan Hartley, Head Of Procurement & Supply Chain, Sellafield


By introducing digital technologies, clients can expect the following outcomes:

  • Powerful and easy e-procurement 
  • Streamlined systems and processes 
  • Consistency of spend 
  • Engaged and informed stakeholders 
  • Smarter supply chain decision making
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Robust and up to date analytics
  • Enhanced supplier and risk management 
Digital Procurement Service

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