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P2P Diagnostic Service

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Coupa Inspire 2023 Spartan award winners

We are recognised as a rising star within the Coupa partner ecosystem — one whose perseverance, demonstration of Coupa’s core values, and commitment to collaboration are unmatched.

Our team are Coupa Platform Certified

Our P2P diagnostic service offers a solution to organisations who may have undergone the deployment of digital procurement tools, but who do not feel that they have fully embedded the full potential of the technology. Our award-winning UK based, permanent team will review the current capability, take the time to understand your unique requirements and maximise your usage of the product to deliver your vision and gain greater return on investment.

Aspire to Achieve

  • Business spend management/Purchase to pay platforms that truly deliver in the areas that add value to your organisation 
  • Re-engaged and energised staff who are confident to use the technology to its full extent. 
  • A platform that expedites your route to market, encourages collaboration within your supply-chain and empowers colleagues. 

Maximise your business goals

Why Choose Us

UK Based Support

Our permanent team are all based in the UK and will provide the specialist support you need. They are accessible, experienced and focused on enhancing your ROI.

Digital Experts

Our digital transformation practitioners have been externally validated as experts in digital procurement implementation. 

Expert Eyes

Our comprehensive diagnostic reviews the processes taking place with a critical, expert eye and suggest solutions that are impactful and realistic for your organisation.

An Experienced Team

Our team are comprised of digital procurement specialists who understand the knock-on impacts that P2P technology can have upon other areas of the business. Because we’re mindful of this, our approach is collaborative and our solutions are effective. 

Enhanced Support

As our team also consists of broader procurement specialists we can offer advice on wider procurement issues, providing you with an enhanced level of support that can take your procurement function to the next level. 

Award winning implementation

Officially recognised by Coupa in 2023 for our demonstration of Coupa’s core values and commitment to collaboration, we offer an unmatched partnership with our clients.

Features of our Diagnostic Service

Firstly we’ll take the time to understand the reasons you engaged in a P2P implementation and what you listed as your goals and signifiers of achievement. What pain points were you attempting to remedy? What areas of your existing procurement process needed to be developed and improved? Only by understanding what your initial goals were can we understand what you needed the system to deliver upon implementation. 

We’ll then question whether those original goals have altered. We understand that business objectives change, organisation processes evolve, people progress and therefore your P2P requirements might now need to be revised.

We’ll undertake a thorough review of how your original goals, and altered goals, are being met (or not) by your existing system. This will involve talking to both users and stakeholders of the P2P system. Honesty here is vital to maximise your output from our diagnostic service. We’ll want to better understand your business objectives taking a holistic view that will enable our team to find solutions that have a greater impact on the wider business. Understanding the processes and structures within your organisation will help us to make judgements on best fit for your organisation.

Our team will take away the learnings from these meetings and will produce a report that details ways in which the configuration of your system can be optimised to best deliver your vision for a P2P system. This will vary from client to client, but we’ll typically talk you through the solution with a focus on key areas including impact, speed and cost. Together we’ll agree which elements of the optimisation process best suit your requirements and produce a plan for platform development.

We’ll work with your team to implement the changes required to develop your system to achieve your P2P and broader organisation goals. We can advise on this or can engage in an implementation process depending upon your needs. 


  • The delivery of a true digital transformation that will be embedded across the organisation
  • Energised colleagues who can access the right technology to accelerate success in their roles 
  • Enhanced systems that focus on overall business effectiveness and remove any silo mentalities
  • The opportunity to gain a wider insight into P2P solutions and your broader procurement function.

Achieve your business ambitions with Barkers.