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Procurement Transformation

Procurement Transformation

Barkers have been recognised by Consultancy.UK as a Gold Procurement Consultancy Firm. Consultancy.UK recognise those organisations leading the way in procurement consultancy within the UK with organisations assessed on their procurement capabilities, company reputation, analyst benchmarks, industry recognitions, thought leadership and more.

Aspire to achieve

  • A procurement function with an enhanced internal reputation as a strategic and efficient department aligned to organisational objectives. 
  • A reputation for enabling internal departments to realise their goals. 
  • Connectivity with suppliers leading to enhanced communications and associated benefits including innovation and continuous improvement, generating best value. 
  • A high functioning team comprised of effective and resourceful professionals engaged in efficient and effective purchase processes including category management, SRM, procure to pay and data analysis.  

For transformation and innovation


Strategic Focus

We support our client’s profitable growth through sound business strategy. Our consultants engage with senior stakeholders across the organisation and understand how to apply procurement effectively to achieve business objectives.


Our senior managing consultants all possess between 15 and 30 years’ procurement experience. Their practical experience and knowledge, having been involved in numerous Procurement Transformations, is second to none.

Discover & Solve

We have a robust discovery methodology which supports the successful identification of core areas of focus. We then design and drive tailored plans to address key challenges and maximise sustainable value.

Features of Procurement Transformation

The Barkers Procurement Transformation team brings the experience and lessons learned from transforming procurement organisations as internal leaders together with consulting best practice. It covers the people, procurement process, technology and governance aspects of procurement and supply chain functions. 

We help our clients to accelerate their procurement transformation programmes delivering efficiencies, improvements to quality and stakeholder engagement, whilst always aligning to an organisation’s culture.  

Our service involves a comprehensive review of a procurement function and recommends areas of improvement to enhance the capacity, capability and profile of the function. 

A Barkers Procurement Transformation Review focuses on:

Procurement Transformation

We engage closely with different areas within the business to understand current perceptions and stakeholder experiences.

We speak with suppliers to gain an external view of working with the client.

We connect with the individual team members to understand the skills, capabilities and opinions of the existing team.

We investigate existing systems and processes within the procurement cycle. These could include sourcing, procurement, analytics, procure to pay and market intelligence tools. We’ll form judgements on capacity, capability and business risk. 

Once the discovery phase is complete, we then apply our knowledge and experience to suggest areas for improvement. Typical areas of focus include: 

  • Procurement Strategy 
  • Organisation Design 
  • Category Organisation and Process 
  • Business Engagement Organisation and Process
  • Supplier Relationship Management Processes
  • eProcurement Processes
  • Purchasing Processes such as Procure to Pay
  • Procurement Team Skills
  • Behavioural Skills of the Procurement Team 

Through discussions with clients on where value can best be sought for maximum gain, Barkers will suggest solutions and execute a bespoke plan tailored to the organisation’s requirements. This could involve a Supplier Relationship Management plan, business engagement programme, a category improvement programme to name a few.

In our experience, Procurement Transformations are about business change not solely about ProcurementThis is why our strategy to engage senior consultancy teams in this work (who provide clients with sound strategies and in-depth procurement transformation plans), effect real and meaningful change.

“An asset to anyone with complicated renegotiation or procurement requirements”

John Sharkey, Head of CIO Business Partners United Utilities


Our Procurement Transformation service will provide: 

  • A less myopic view of what Procurement does both inside and outside the function.  
  • Greater engagement with internal stakeholders and enhanced understanding of the value of procurement. 
  • Improved return on investment and profitability for the business.
  • Improved Supplier relationships, creating more value for the client.
  • Greater engagement with internal departments, leading to better outcomes in supplier selection and contracting. 
Procurement Transformation

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