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SME Procurement as a Service

Our Procurement As a Service solution is perfect for organisations with a small to mid-sized procurement department with aspirations to not only exceed their cost reduction targets, but also to align procurement activity to business strategy.

Essentially, our service unlocks additional specialist resource for your procurement function that drives a focus on longer-term, strategic goals. Our sector-specific knowledge and vast procurement experience adds clarity and value to your plans, aligning to the business needs.

Our true Barkers value-add is the way in which we engage with your organisation. We become an extension of your team, understanding the unique aspects of your business and leaving a legacy that extends beyond our involvement, enabling your procurement function to not only continue to deliver exceptional value, but to raise its profile in your organisation.

Aspire to achieve

  • Additional procurement support, enabling your team to focus on strategically aligned activities.
  • Overall enhanced performance of the procurement function
  • Increased efficiencies that drive cost reductions through enhanced procurement processes
  • Greater control of costs and compliance
  • Assurance on key contracts and enhanced supplier relationships
  • Greater department satisfaction levels as team members take on more engaging work.

Align Procurement to Business Strategy today

Why Choose Us

Depth of Understanding

Our Procurement As A Service team is comprised of procurement specialists who have a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes for small – medium sized organisations. They have the depth of knowledge to secure greatest gains quickly and also for the long-term success of your business.

Tailored Support

We not only deliver significant cost reductions, but ensure you have a legacy that enables you to enjoy sustainable benefits. Barkers supports SMEs to embed a full procurement transformation based on a comprehensive and transparent procurement maturity and opportunity assessment. This enables us to tackle priority areas that are unique to your business and that will offer greatest ROI. Our procurement transformations are undertaken by practitioners who not only understand the theory behind what they do, they’ve lived and breathed the job. We’re therefore exceptionally well placed to support your organisation to achieve your procurement goals.

At Barkers we specialise in supporting clients to think ethically in their procurement, delivering positive social value outcomes that bolster ESG agendas. And our approach is also to carefully consider risk to your business; our tailored approach enables us to uniquely propose solutions that make sense for your organisation

How it Works

Our Procurement Optimisation is a bespoke service structured around your unique requirements.

To get to the heart of your organisation we’ll always begin with the following approach, but at each stage we’ll tailor our area of focus to ensure maximum return on investment for your organisation:

A comprehensive review will be undertaken of your procurement function. We’ll:

  • Engage with key stakeholders both within the department and from across the wider organisation to get to the heart of your business from its aspirations for the future to how procurement is performed on a day-to-day basis. 
  • Review the categories you manage and unlock detail on the contracts you have in place. 
  • Learn more about the suppliers you manage and gain a deep understanding of your relationship with them.
  • Discuss the roles within the team and the processes that support your procurement function.

Following our comprehensive Opportunity Assessment, we’ll produce a series of observations surrounding the key aspects of your procurement function, highlighting areas where improvements can be made within our extensive Recommendation Report.

We’ll highlight the importance of strategic alignment of the procurement function to the over-arching business strategy. Our recommendations will identify where synergies lie and where greatest potential for impact can be made. We’ll also pick out missed opportunities that should be harnessed.

A detailed Delivery Recommendations Report will be produced identifying areas of focus such as Tail Spend Management, Contract Management or Digital pertinent to your business. A Savings Plan will estimate the likely savings that can be generated against anticipated timeframes. This will form a framework that will enable us to continually monitor and evaluate our position against targets to keep the transformation on track.

During the Execution stage our experienced practitioners will support your team to manage the agreed areas of focus and deliver to accepted targets. Our transparent approach ensures you are kept well informed of progress and developments.

Our Procurement As A Service solution is entirely bespoke, based on a complete audit of your organisation and in full consultation with you. Based on our experience, our procurement transformation recommendations often include a focus on the following:

Tender Management/Cost Reduction

Our experienced team will oversee your whole tendering process, meaning that both current and new tenders will be managed effectively. Utilising our expertise and wide market knowledge, new opportunities will be identified and delivered at speed. Costs will be comprehensively reviewed and opportunities to drive reductions will be identified.

Contract Management

A comprehensive review of current contracts often exposes opportunities to reduce costs and enhance terms of service. This, along with the benefit of our knowledge in implementing contract management best practice, maximises the return on your investment, and has the ability to create added value to key categories. 

Maturity Assessment

Our procurement maturity assessment will identify how ‘mature’ your procurement function is. We’ll make an assessment statement based on (amongst other things) the current size of your organisation, the skills within it and the systems and processes in place, comparing your position with where your competitors place, to form an industry comparison. We’ll assess areas that may be holding back your function and will consider whether your function is equipped to support the achievement of longer-term business objectives.

Target Operating Model Support

We excel in creating target operating models that facilitate a strategic approach to your organisation’s future operations. Central to our recommendations is ensuring that your business is resilient in the face of both evolving external dynamics and internal changes to future proof your business.

Tail Spend Management

Tail spend – low value, high-volume transactions across multiple categories such as business services, office supplies, print and packaging – are often overlooked. In basic terms it is traditionally the 20% value of the spend profile of an organisation that accounts for 80% of the suppliers.

It’s often low value transactions and high-volume orders which can cover indirect and direct categories. Our Tail Spend Management solution analyses your spend, works with you to agree scope and targets and deploys our talented practitioners to address this unmanaged spend. Benefits include cost reduction, enhanced contract compliance, enhanced internal governance, supply base consolidation and reduced business risk


At Barkers we are masters in digital procurement, with the expertise to perform a comprehensive review of your current processes and technology to ascertain whether a digital revolution would be an appropriate step within your procurement transformation. Award-winning Coupa implementation partners for the UK and Ireland mid-tier market, ensures we are perfectly positioned to support the SME market, achieving their digital procurement aspirations through robust P2P implementation that works. Find out more


  • We guarantee a strong return on your investment, eliminating risk to your organisation.
  • Gain a full and comprehensive understanding of your current procurement maturity and an actionable plan based on agreed outcome targets.
  • Benefit from a structured plan that is wholly aligned to organisational strategic aims.
  • Maintain procurement’s alignment to business priorities through robust ongoing communication, collaboration and management.
  • Enjoy enhanced supplier relationships and an engaged workforce.
  • Protect your organisation from external market dynamics and internal shifts through our comprehensive risk management approach.

Align Procurement to Business Strategy today