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SME Procurement Savings

Cut costs. Make savings. Reduce overheads. 

Simple enough to say. But in practice, much harder to implement. Especially with finite resources. 

Our SME Procurement Savings service is dedicated to supporting SMEs to not only cut costs, but to manage their costs, contracts and suppliers effectively, future-proofing your organisation as well as delivering on the bottom line with immediate effect.

Aspire to achieve

  • An immediate and sustainable reduced cost base
  • Optimised supplier contracts
  • A well-managed supply base
  • Protection from sudden price increases
  • Reduced risk from market volatility

Make procurement savings today

Why Choose Us

Speed of Service

When it comes to reducing costs, you’ll want to act swiftly. Our experienced team are quick to assess your business needs, identifying opportunities for greatest ROI and implementing a cost reduction strategy at pace.

Depth of Understanding

As an SME ourselves, we understand the unique challenges faced by smaller businesses. We’re not aloof consultants, we’ve done the day job in organisations like yours, and we know how SMEs tick and, importantly, where the true opportunities and priorities lie.

Value Add

We don’t just produce cost reduction plans. We focus on results that provide a longer-term view for maximum long-term impact. And we support clients to think ethically in their procurement, delivering positive social value outcomes too.

Demonstrable Impact

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional cost reductions for our clients.

How it Works

Barkers work in partnership with you to analyse your organisation’s current spend and supply base. This will result in an Opportunity Assessment to prioritise and maximise opportunities for your organisation. Following this, a full market assessment is then conducted to collect alternative supplier offerings, ensuring opportunities identified are both competitive and create most value for your organisation.

  1. Demand – We address the volumes and quantities required by the client and offer our insight to suggest changes which may help to reduce this demand.
  2. Specification – We’ll challenge the specifications of contracts, products and services within the business. In doing so we get to the root of the core requirements, understand where there can be flexibility in the specifications, and make decisions on where cuts could be made without loss to quality or efficiency. Of course, we’ll always take into consideration contractual obligations, termination clauses and more.
  3. Supply – Finally, we’ll address the supply itself via the open market. We’ll identify alternative suppliers and assess their credentials for delivery to the client.

Because we believe in ethical procurement principles at Barkers, we’ll work with clients to gain a greater appreciation of the ways in which the procurement function can deliver social value through its day-to-day activities, including as part of a cost reduction programme. Whilst maintaining a focus on cost reduction as the main driver, our team can help clients achieve enhanced results whilst still achieving primary cost objectives.

The operational running of the cost transformation programme will be addressed during the transactional management phase. We’ll ensure that procurement teams have the mechanisms to buy correctly and the technology in place to purchase appropriately.

Your organisation will benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiency and easier spend management.


We focus on producing outcomes that really matter for SMEs:

  • Reduced costs, straight away
  • A cost reduction plan that makes a difference long-term
  • Enhanced relationships with suppliers
  • Robust contracts that offer protection for your organisation
  • Ethical procurement practices that align to your values

Make procurement savings today

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