Slide Saving Money Everyday
We specialise in helping small and medium-sized businesses across the UK to save money everyday.

We save our clients on average 28% on water, electricity and gas
Typical savings range from between 5 and 35%
Our stationery clients typically save 30%

Average savings Saving Money Everyday

Slide profitability Overheads such as utilities, legal services, business rates and stationery will form a significant amount of your outgoings. But few of us have the time to dedicate to benchmarking prices for so many services. And being a smaller organisation, it can be harder to get the best rate. That’s where Barkers’ SME Profit Boost Model comes in. Thanks to our purchasing power, we’ll lower your everyday costs in just six weeks. It’s quick and easy to do and completely free.

Slide Our Profit Boost Model Our Profit Boost Model supports organisations like yours to save money on your everyday expenses. It’s a simple model, but one which we do well.

By using our extensive contact network of suppliers, and benefiting from our volume of orders, you can take advantage of our buying power and reduce your business overheads. You’ll just need to tell us which services you’d like us to review, provide us with some basic details and we’ll do the rest.

We’re confident we can save you money on your bills, and because we do all the hard work, we’ll save you time too.

Our Services Where can I save

Slide Where Can I Save? Utilities (Gas, Electricity and Water)
Personal Protective Equipment
Business Rates and Insurances
IT and Telephony
Office Consumables
Managed Print Services
Waste Management
Cleaning Products and Services
Legal Services
Challenge us to beat your existing quotes Tailored to you

Slide Because of our established procurement power in these common, everyday business expenses, we are confident we can lower the price you pay. But if there’s a service where you’d like to decrease your outgoings, and it isn’t listed here, contact us and we’ll see if we can better your current contract or quotes. How It Works

(duplicate, need text here) The process is simple and straightforward to ensure your business makes savings as quickly as possible. Within 6 weeks you will be benefiting from a reduction in your bills and saving money everyday.

Slide How it works The process is simple and straightforward to ensure your business makes savings as quickly as possible. Within 6 weeks you will be benefiting from a reduction in your bills and saving money everyday.

Weeks - One and Two
Weeks - Three and Four
Weeks - Five and Six
How it works Where can I save
Discover (Weeks 1-2)
Compare (Weeks 3-4)
Implement (Weeks 5-6)

Slide Benefits of choosing us to renew your everyday contracts 1. Improve your profits without having to grow sales

2. Secure an advantage over your competitors, who may be paying greater overheads for a similar service

3. Typically benefit from a saving of between 5-35% across each category, potentially saving many thousands per year

4. Gain time to focus on other priorities within your business

5. Benefit from savings without costing you a penny, the positive impact of which will be felt by your business for years.


We thrive on securing the best deals for small to medium enterprises like yours. We know that every pound matters. That’s why we do not charge for the service we provide.

Instead, we will take a small percentage of the savings we make. And what’s more, 20% of this amount will be invested directly into our social enterprise LifeScape [link to website], which employs disadvantaged workers. That way, just by choosing us to renegotiate your everyday contracts, not only does your business benefit from reduced prices, but you’re supporting us to have a positive impact on the wider community.

Recent FAQs
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Price is important, but what about quality?
I feel loyalty to my existing supplier.
I haven’t got the time to do this.
I have a Procurement Manager, do I really need Saving Money Everyday?
What’s in it for Saving Money Everyday?
Who are Saving Money Everyday?

Slide What our Clients Say We’ve worked with organisations of all sizes across many sectors, who are benefiting from reduced overheads. Cumbric Care, Healthcare

Saving in excess of £120,000

Cumbric Care is a group of seven nursing homes who wanted to reduce company expenditure and improve the quality of service delivered by suppliers.

Previously the group operated on a ‘silo’ basis, with each nursing home purchasing independently. Ensuring that the business used their group scale to purchase was a primary focus, and the suppliers we connected with helped them save significantly.

Slide Savings office consumables spend is down 23%

managed print services spend is down 23%

food spend is down 18%

medical equipment spend is down 16%

signage spend is down 15%

Not only did our team receive glowing feedback on the money saved, but the level of scrutiny placed on the recommended suppliers drastically improved service, too.
Cumbric Care Savings Contact Us

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