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This Support Paper “ESG Health Check” is free to download!

What Is an ESG Health Check?

At Barkers our ESG Health Check concentrates on the activity within your supply chain. Assessing your supply chain performance is strategically important for your organisation as studies show that the majority (80%) of emissions and ESG risk lies in a business’ supply chain. Therefore, by focusing our efforts on this area of your business, we are best able to support your organisation to quickly address it’s ESG challenges and succeed.

Understanding your current ESG supply chain risk and focusing on improving it is important for many reasons. Not least, because it’s the right thing for business’ to take accountability for the impact that they have on the planet, but also because the reputational benefits of doing so are so great. In addition, stakeholders increasingly demand that ESG be an area of focus for businesses.

Benefits to the organisation in performing an ESG Health Check and prioritising their ESG impact include:

  • Attracting talent: Organisations engaging in ESG will attract and retain the best talent at a time when candidates have greater levels of choice in the job market.
  • Shareholder satisfaction: Organisations engaging in ESG will satisfy shareholders and be an attractive proposition for potential new shareholders looking to invest, thereby improving the monetary value of the business.
  • Increasing returns: Organisations engaging in ESG benefit from improved cost of finance and a circle of increasing returns.
  • Innovation: Organisations engaging in ESG will work with innovative suppliers, and those that actively select suppliers with ESG principles will strengthen their tender position for key contracts.
  • Customer expectation: Organisations engaging in ESG are relevant and attractive to an increasingly eco-savvy customer base.

How Does it Work?

Our ESG Health Checks begins with an in-depth survey and interview with key stakeholders to get to the heart of your current ESG Supply Chain performance and resilience. This is crucial to facilitate a succinct, yet meaningful assessment. Our comprehensive, collaborative process links the UN Sustainability Goals to the activities within your supply chain. We’ll consider your supply chain resilience addressing issues including child labour, slavery, carbon, taxation, fraud, wages and more. By taking a deep dive into these areas, anchored within the UN Sustainability Goals, we’ll identify both key risk factors and pockets of excellence within your business.

The results will be presented to you as an ESG Corporate Risk Heatmap, enabling easy visualisation of the areas of greatest risk for your organisation and supporting prioritisation and stakeholder engagement.

A comprehensive corporate ESG Strategy will then be developed, building a road map to future sustainable success.

Why Barkers for ESG / Digital

At Barkers, ESG is in our DNA. We are a carbon neutral business and silver CLO certified as well as being award-winners for our social value work. We passionately believe that as procurement professionals we can make an impact on the planet through supporting clients to address their ESG supply chain challenges. Here’s why we can make a difference to your organisation:

Real Impact

We know that 80% of a company’s sustainability impact is in its supply chain. This translates to a significant amount of potential ESG risk that many companies are not actively controlling. That’s why our ESG Supply Chain Solution enables our clients to concentrate efforts and resource where it’s most needed for maximum benefit to people now and in the future.

Proven Track Record

We are trusted by clients and have a track record of exceptional delivery. Our intelligence-led, best practice approach drives collaboration with clients whilst our KPI focus ensures the successful delivery of optimal results to agreed timescales, within budget.

ESG Specialists

Our team are specialists in their field having written theses on ESG matters including modern slavery and sustainable supply chains. The teams’ dedication to remaining at the pinnacle of ESG knowledge is further evidenced through their engagement in local and international sustainable CPD events, and their leadership roles within local CIPS branches.

This Support Paper “ESG Health Check” is free to download!

Author: James Gaskin
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