Why Utility Infrastructure Firms Need A Digital Focus on Procurement – Ebook

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Utility firms are under pressure to act more sustainably, enhance customer service and improve processes and procedures. And with the commencement of AMP8 in less than 18 months and the 2023 Procurement Bill expected to modernise procurement rules and procedures this autumn, there is increasing pressure for the utility sector and the infrastructure firms supporting it, to work more efficiently and effectively.

So how can the sector streamline procurement operations to support more efficient ways of working?

We’ve collaborated with Coupa to create an ebook that acknowledges the unique pressures this sector faces, from the inherent risk of huge infrastructure projects due to their complexity, size and supply chain span, to the lifetime value and length of contracts agreed to exemplify the need to procure effectively.

Written by utility sector experts, this ebook considers eight reasons why the industry should streamline its procurement operations, and offers solutions that will not only enhance capacity and capability but also future-proof the industry from the challenges ahead.

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Author: Barkers Procurement
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